Where does Technology fit into Safety & Legislative Training?

Technology has improved at a accelerate rate opening up several opportunities to take a closer look at how new technologies may be applied to Safety & Legislative Training. Over the last few years, Virtual Reality , 360VR , Augmented Reality has proven to have to ability to increase the engagement of the trainee and improve the experience of the trainee by providing immersive experiences. When facilitating Safety Training such as Confined Space and Working at Heights, it is essential to provide adequate and a realistic training environment that is relevant to the task/skills requirement of the respective package.

I am a strong believer in introducing technology such as 360 Video's and Virtual Reality into some Safety Training Programs and it is currently being introduced in some parts of the training cycles such as Inductions and Onboarding.

The benefits of introducing a Virtual Enviromnent are:

- Several simulated conditions can be experience in a risk free environment

- Several simulated conditions can be experience in a risk free enviroment

- New trainees can experience the task ( Enter a Confined Space or work at heights) and get a feel and understanding of the task and work environment whiles still being in a safe environment

- In some cases, the use of a Virtual environment can identify the suitability of a individual according to the relevant tasks ( ie: is the individual scared of heights,..etc)

At Global Skills Development we believe that providing a virtual and simulated environment will provide added tools and resources to ensure the learner has a higher skills retention rate and understanding of the key outcomes of the training.

In addition, the data available to the trainer via the technology can assist the trainer in shaping the training to meet the individual learning requirments.

The use of technology in training can be time consuming, technical and costly but overall I believe it s a great opportunity to provide Innovative Training & Development Initiatives.

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