Taking a new approach to increase the efficiency of Training & Development Frameworks.

Over the last decade, we have seen as shift in the way individuals participate, process and apply a new set skills or knowledge within their day to day context at work and at home.

Some of the contributors to this shift are, increase amount of technology being introduced such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Blended Reality (BR); change in educational curriculum's and pathways and the fact that most organisations are time poor.

Taking into consideration the above high level points, the way in which we communicate and engage the learner need to ensure that correct Change and Organisational Management Frameworks are developed and implemented and supported by robust Training & Development Frameworks.

To ensure that a holistic approach is taking when creating, changing and developing a Training and Development Culture within the organisation, GSD uses their Training Process Framework that has been directly developed in accordance with the Training Industry ( Training Process).

GSD uses several process and frameworks to ensure the end product is directly related to the clients needs, but also give the individuals empowerment and ownership of their Training and Development.

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