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GSD RTO Policies and Forms

Welcome to the Global Skills Development Policy Library. Our policies, procedures, guides, and forms are intended to support students throughout their learning journey. They set out the ways in which Global Skills Development operates as an RTO, and detail the processes staff, students and other members of our community should follow.

GSD RTO Policy Library

View the GSD Complaints Policy which sets out information related to how complaints can be raised and how they will be managed. 

View the GSD Appeals Policy which provides information about the academic appeals process. 

View GSD's policy for Training for People Under 18 for information about how we meet our legal and ethical requirements. 

View the GSD Fees and Refunds Policy for information about how payments are handled.  

View the GSD Assessment Policy which ensures that assessment of students is consistent with high quality teaching and learning practices, national policy and the specific requirements of Training Packages or accredited programs.

View GSD's Applications and Enrolment Policy which provides guidance on the application and enrolment process for students.


Students, staff, or members of the public may use this form to raise a complaint about Global Skills Development, its trainers/assessors or other staff, our approved third-party providers, or a learner of the RTO. 

GSD Students may use this form to request a formal appeal of an assessment outcome. 

If you are eligible for a refund/credit under our Fees and Refunds Policy please email info@globalskillsdevelopment to request a refund or credit.