When you need frequent, safe, and easy access to varied height applications, our exclusive range of height safety equipment holds the answer.

Custom designed roof stairs and stepladders from GSD Height Safety Systems, ensure that your buildings and your workplace practices adhere to current safety standards. This provides you with the quality infrastructure you need for many productive years to come.

Wherever you need frequent, safe and easy access to varied heights you need custom-designed stepladders and stairs. When you work with GSD you will have a design and construction partner from the beginning. Taking care of every step of the process, GSD will audit your work site to identify your specific needs.

As independent advisors, GSD are not aligned with any particular products. This means they are able to use and recommend the best and highest quality solutions for your roof stairs. GSD takes full responsibility in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand legislation. This includes State and Federal Workcover and WHS codes of practice and building regulations.

Roof Access Caged Ladders, Step Bridges and Platforms

GSD Height Safety Systems, our technicians are highly trained experts who can recommend, supply and install height safety roof access ladder systems for any workplace.

We guarantee height safety compliance with our range of high-quality fall prevention products and expert installations.

 Our skilled team can deliver a fully compliant roof access system, whether your workplace only needs one ladder or a comprehensive height safety system

Vertical/Ladder Fall Arrest Systems


The new CLAW cable sleeve is a unique solution for permanently installed climbing protection systems, allowing employees safe access when working at heights. The cable sleeve is suitable for vertical access on solid core steel wire ropes with a diameter of 3/8" (9.5 mm) & 5/16" (8 mm).


The CLAW boasts features that simplify use and reduce the risk of an accident. Its double safety construction also prevents incorrect installation, thanks to the integrated locking mechanism. In addition, a skull symbol indicates incorrect installation while an UP arrow identifies proper installation. If the climber slips or falls, the CLAW activates and locks onto the cable, arresting the fall within inches. The CLAW is suitable for maintenance or servicing work in the Wind Energy, Telecommunications, Electrical Utility, Oil & Gas and General Industry where vertical cable systems are present.

If the climber slips or falls, the locking cam pivots downward instantly and the CLAW locks onto the cable. The built-in shock absorber pack reduces the impact force, and thus the forces exerted on the human body, far below 1,348 lbf (6 kN).


The SKYTAC climbing protection system allows you to climb safely up or down to any height or depth on installed vertical ladders.

The guide rail with a C profile is made from 3mm wide galvanized steel and the rungs have an extra zinc layer for better protection against corrosion.

To enhance the safety of users of the climbing protection system, SKYLOTEC has developed the SPEED, the only runner in the world with two redundant brake systems and a catch function that works according to speed.

The principle behind SPEED is simple: the lock system is hidden in the housing and is therefore protected against unwanted access. An additional lever means that SPEED works like a pull-back runner.

The runner is short and so, therefore, is the fall distance. This makes it easier to climb and also reduces injuries caused during falls. In the event of a failure of the pull-back system, whether through misuse or unfortunate circumstances, the runner can only reach a maximum pre-set speed. If this speed is exceeded, the second safety catch independently kicks in: a centrifugal brake swings the lock system out and the runner is blocked. A high number of catch in the TAC rail allow a very short fall distance. This significantly reduces the risk of injury in the event of a possible fall.


Extremely durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable for permanently-installed vertical CLAW LINE fall-arrest systems. The CLAW LINE CABLE is an 8 mm stainless steel cable (V4A) in the 7x7 set-up. Its upper end is firmly pressed with a copper clamp onto a stainless steel grommet upon delivery. The cable length is determined individually. Together with the tensioning device, the CLAW LINE system offers a short end connection and thus a very convenient entry area. An additional deflection of the steel rope at the lower end is not necessary in the system design. This greatly reduces the risk of injury from open strands during installation and operation.

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